The Swaen is an example of a Dutch classic gentleman’s launch. Typically no cost was spared to make them into the little gems that they are. Durable Javan teak was used so to this day we can enjoy the craftsmanship in the many original details. Build in 1909 for a well to do dentist from Friesland for family outings on the Frisian lakes and canals, since 1995 available in Amsterdam for those who appreciate a nostalgic ambiance.

The layout of the boat makes the Swaen suitable for groups of very differing sizes. Intimidly with two, cozy with six and still comfortable with twenty. In summer the boat can be opened up to let you enjoy the fresh air and in the winter it is well heated. Catering facilities are, although limited by the size of the boat, modern as are safety and sanitary provisions. The crew will see to your needs and if so wanted can guide you through the city. Who better than the skipper to guide you through this city where the water has always played such a prominent roll.
You can use the Swaen for transport at that special occasion, venue for your meeting, as a special treat or for a day’s outing.

Standard there is a well stocked bar on board at your request the assortiment can be adjusted to your special preferences. On board you can dine, have a buffet, picnic, lunch or pre-dinner snacks. Prepared by the finest restaurants and a wide variety of specialist caterers.

Price and reservations
The Swaen costs 200 Euro per hour. After the first hour you will be charged for the actual time, not necessarily for full hours. The boat is moored on the Prinsengracht, near by Anne Frank House. Travel time from  here to the place of embarkation and back from the place of debarkation will be charged at the lower rate of 75 Euro per hour. A waiter costs 22,50 Euro per hour. These prices exclude VAT.
We will gladly make you an offer tailored to your specifications. For bookings and information, please call +31 20 675 8584 or fax +31 20 6764975.
For last minute bookings call 0654 728 766.

Motorsaloonlaunch ‘Swaen’
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